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Increase your marketing results with a fast performing website

Increase your marketing results with a fast performing website​
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The importance of performance

Get up to speed and boost your marketing efforts

MeasureWorks gets your website fast, to increase its user experience. But what does it mean for you, the CMO, to get fast and stay fast? We explain the benefits of MeasureWorks for you on this page, together with the services we offer. Ready to see how to get your website to the next level? 

Performance as a conversion driver

A quicker website will lead to a better user experience and higher engagement. This leads to a boost in conversions.

Increase visitor loyalty

Measure, find and fix performance issues before your customer even notices.

Save time fixing

Having your development under control will save you time. Time you can spend doing what you do best, executing marketing campaigns.

Measureworks increase visitor loyalty

Time to make your platform excel.
Optimize your digital performance!

MeasureWorks helps you

Get your performance under control

Having a quick response time will boost user experience and Google efforts, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you, optimising content and building marketing campaigns. Trust MeasureWorks that your performance will be under control.

Service 1

Build a Performance Culture

With our battle tested Get Fast, Stay Fast methology we shape your internal processes to deliver the best online performance. This way, you can be sure we not only improve performance, but also integrate a steady way of working into your organisation and provide you with the right tools. We will fully dedicate ourselves to increasing your performance.

Service 2

Attribute Performance to Conversion

How much faster should you be in order to boost the user experience and maximize transactions, retention rate, and sales? We translate click behavior to revenue-generating behavior. Check out how fast you need to be to beat the competition and measure in realtime what is holding people back to convert on your application.

Service 3

Increase customer loyalty

A reliable application increases the trust of your client. Finding a stable and quick website each time they visit, boosts their confidence and trust in your capabilities. Make sure you turn into a reliable asset!

Service 4

Prevent degradation

In order to create a long-term impact with performance, the key is to prevent performance degradation. The faster you get, the more time you have to spend on finetiuning the test, and evaluate new features and deployments. We test your current application and keep testing it – so you can get fast and stay fast.

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We are your partner for web performance. Our performance products and (managed) services enable you to realize your online business goals. As a true partner, our services grow and evolve together.

Ready to get your website to the next level

We are very eager to increase your salesopportunities by optimising your performance. There’s no time like the present: start to get fast, and let us help you to stay fast! Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.