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The importance of performance

Get your application up to speed and achieve quick results

To deliver an optimal user experiences for your users, speed and reliability are of utmost importance. Stop fixing random items or looking for the source of the error, and start observing the performance of your entire application landscape. Observing user behavior in real time helps you gain insight in what to optimise, simplifies the development processs and improves the control you have over the process itself.

Know what to fix before customers complain

By observing the application landscape from browser to database, MeasureWorks gives you insights in what is normal behavior and what deviates enough to be fixed. Start observing to ensure optimal performance of your application.

Prioritise feature development

Observe visitor behavior in real time to understand where performance is hurting the customer journey. This allows you to quickly identify deviations and you’ll know exactly where to improve to guarantee a good user experience. Observe to prioritise performance improvements.

Performance as definition of done

A hands-on approach to performance testing grants you the best results. By integrating performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline we double down on our effort in controlling and enforcing performance throughout the entire application lifecycle. Stay fast by ensuring you cannot deploy new code that isn’t fast enough.


Time to make your platform excel.
Optimize your digital performance!

MeasureWorks helps you

Get all these things under control

With the services that MeasureWorks offers, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a smooth application, and your devops teams with a clear cut overview of all the processes. If something is preventing an optimal performance, you will find out almost immediately!

Service 1

Front-end scan

A split second difference in performance can be either fatal or fortunate for a transaction. In order to end up on the fortunate side of this two-way street, you should have insight into what part of your front-end code is blocking an optimal user experience. With our front-end code scan we give you these insights and help you prioritise optimisations.

Service 2

Lift and Shift

By creating a topology of your application landscape we can compare legacy platforms with your (cloud-based) successors after a “lift and shift” migration or validate a new application prior to going live. This way you can guarantee a smooth transition and catch any imperfections quickly.

Service 3

Automated Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing solutions provide SREs, a method to continuously measure what your platform is capable of supporting combined with precise measurement of the performance under different demand levels from the end-user point of view. Observe behavioral patterns to understand what’s normal and what to fix.

Service 4

Observability Tools

Our philosophy for monitoring is outside-in: from browser to network to database. We always start with observing and tracking human behavior patterns. Is your application landscape up to par? Set the baseline and gain insights with our observability tools to start delivering a fast and reliable user experience.

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