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Watch our webinar: Cut through the chaos with Full-Stack Observability

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It’s time for our second Performance Lab event of the year. After the in-person event in Amsterdam, it is now time for an online webinar. Our speaker Martin van den Brink will talk about Full-Stack Observability in ‘Performance Lab #2: Cut through the chaos with full-stack Observability’.

What to expect from this webinar

Full-Stack Observability helps gathering important data from the entire application chain and transform it into these five actions:

  1. Faster indication of the cause of incidents;
  2. Predictive warnings and recovery measures;
  3. Consolidation of multiple (IT) silos in a uniform dashboard;
  4. Measuring the digital experience through behavioral patterns;
  5. Correlating technical achievements with business performance.

During this webinar, Martin will show 3 use cases to demonstrate the essence of Full-Stack Observability. These cases are shown on AppDynamics, which is a platform that helps you see, understand and optimize the quality of your application delivery.

At the end of this webinar, you will have learned:

  • How Full-Stack Observability creates real-time and end-to-end visibility;
  • How you connect business metrics with the underlying technique;
  • How Full-Stack Observability breaks through operational silos by aligning IT with the business.

Watch ‘Cut through the chaos with Full-Stack Observability‘ now

You can watch the webinar ‘Performance Lab #2: Cut through the chaos with Full-Stack Observability’ now by clicking on the video down below. Get inspired in less than 30 minutes!

If you want to know more about Observability at MeasureWorks, it may be time to get your Observability Assessment. We collect telemetry data from the entire application chain and transform it into preventative actions. Some examples are identifying the root faster, predictive alerting and a better user experience for happy users.

You can get your 30 day free trial now and we’ll get you started within 24 hours.


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