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Is your site ready for peak traffic during the sales season. Don’t guess, but test!
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During the sales season

Whether it’s Black Friday, holiday sales or your marketing events during that period, it will create a lot more visitors for your website than on any regular day. With a lot more visitors the slightest bug can result into downtime or slowdowns and customer complaints. And if you’re down it will have a big impact on sales and brand loyalty. The only way to make sure if you’re ready for peak volume is to test for max capacity:

Put your website under pressure and discover if your website cracks at the higher volumes of Black Friday

Discover if you can deliver a consistent user experience at high volume;

Test if your 3d parties and payment providers are also up for the task

Allow your developers to quickly identify the root cause in case of incidents (MTTD, MTTR);

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How does Black Friday testing work?

  • In a period of 14 days, we will define and execute a testplan specific
    for your website
  • In a set of 2 test rounds we will put your website under pressure and
    validate if your website delivers the optimal user experience for the
    high volumes expected during Black Friday
  • Where applicable we will connect our data to the performance data
    collected by your developers. This allows us to test and measure
    performance from browser to database
  • In case of errors, together with your development team we will
    quickly identify together what is broken and how to fix
  • The testing will be concluded with performance report containing all valuable data gathered during the performance testing and recommendations for next steps
  • As an additional step we can supply you with performance
    monitoring for a 3 month period to measure the impact of
    performance on click behavior, so you will be alerted quickly in case
    of any errors or incidents during peak season
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Apply now for your Black Friday test!

Fill in the form, and we will contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment for an intake interview. During the intake interview, we will explain our approach, set the scope and put a date in the agenda to start observing.