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The importance of performance

Get your development up to speed

As a product owner, you want your backlog to be neat and up to date. MeasureWorks helps you prioritize technical and functional changes and delivers a clear view on your return of investment. And with thorough checks of your application before and after going live, you guarantee your visitors a journey that will be fast and reliable. With MeasureWorks you increase the control you have over feature developments and stay within performance targets.

Set the right KPI's

Decide how fast you need to be for optimal conversion. With insight into the impact of performance on user experience you are able to set up the right KPI’s and realistically set targets for yourr developers.

Prioritise features

With our Get Fast, Stay Fast methodology we will provide you insights which front-end code needs optimisation and at the same time rank optimisation based on conversion impact. Which ones require your immediate attention, and which ones can be dealt with later.

Quality Control

Performance testing should not be a once off, but integrated into your CI/CD pipeline. MeasureWorks offers solutions to test before and after a deployments so that any mistakes or errors are found immediately.

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Time to make your platform excel.
Optimize your digital performance!

MeasureWorks helps you

Get all these things under control

Start with real time insight into your application: what needs to be done to ensure an optimal customer experience? Test for performance and use it as a metric to stay fast!

Service 1

Personalised performance business case

How much faster should you be in order to boost the user experience and maximize transactions, retention rate, and sales? We translate click behavior to revenue-generating behavior, check out how fast you need to be to beat the your competition is doing and measure in realtime what is holding people back to convert on your application.

Service 2

Customer Centric feature priorities

We track visitor behavior in real time to understand where performance is hurting the customer journey. This allows you to quickly find where you can improve. Prioritize the performance elements that increase customer experience and create a customer centric approach.

Service 3

CI/CD Performance Testing

A hands-on approach to performance testing grants you the best results. We double our effort in controlling and enforcing performnce throughout the entire lifecycle. Stay fast to ensure brand awareness and revenue.

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About MeasureWorks

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We are your partner for web performance. Our performance products and (managed) services enable you to realize your online business goals. As a true partner, our services grow and evolve together.

Ready to get your website to the next level

We are very eager to increase your salesopportunities by optimising your performance. There’s no time like the present: start to get fast, and let us help you to stay fast! Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.