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3 phases, 1 goal: Get Fast, Stay Fast

MeasureWorks is revolutionizing the way you approach online performance challenges. We envision a future where web performance is proactively optimized, not just solved reactively. We call this Get Fast, Stay Fast. Whether you shift left or right, our solutions allow us to integrate your application lifecycle with clever analytics. Our winning strategy contains three powerful phases.

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Observe - Getting to know your full IT landscape

The first phase is all about Observing and getting to know your entire online ecosystem. Here, we gain valuable insights into performance issues based on user behavior patterns. With Observability, you get:

  • End-2-End Monitoring: We closely monitor every aspect of your online presence, ensuring nothing escapes our attention;

  • Architecture Detection: Understanding your system’s structure helps us identify areas for improvement;

  • AI/Predictive Capabilities: Our advanced technology predicts and tackles potential performance challenges before your users notice;

  • Insights & Reporting: Clear, actionable insights and detailed reports guide you in optimizing performance;

  • Performance KPI’s: We measure and benchmark your performance against industry standards, keeping you on the path to success.

Observe with measureworks

Control - Through Quality Gates and testing

In the Control phase, we prioritize maintaining the quality of your systems and development processes throughout their lifecycle. Our Quality Gates solution includes:

  • Deployment Thresholds: Only stable and thoroughly tested updates make it to production, ensuring a seamless user experience;

  • Site Reliability Engineering/Service Level Objectives: Clear reliability objectives keep your systems highly available;

  • Lift & Shift: If needed, we help you to migrate your applications to more efficient environments while preserving functionality;

  • Automated Testing: Rigorous automated testing ensures your systems are error-free and perform optimally;

  • Deployment Quality: Our stringent quality-control measures guarantee excellence during every deployment.

Boost - End User Experience

The Boost phase is where we elevate user experience to a level that sets you apart from your competition. Our commitment to a fast, reliable, available, competition-neutral, and predictive user experience includes:

  • Conversion: Our optimizations drive higher conversion rates, turning more visitors into loyal customers;

  • Page Speed: Implementing strategies for faster loading times enhances the overall user experience;

  • Availability: Your systems remain up and running 24/7, eliminating
    any disruptions;

  • Capacity: We analyze traffic patterns and predict demand, helping you scale your infrastructure effectively;

  • Error Budget: By minimizing system errors, we build trust and satisfaction among your users.

Boost with measureworks

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We believe the future of web performance is all about preventing, not fixing. That’s why being fast and reliable is key; to give customers the best possible user experience.

With MeasureWorks’ three transformative phases – Observe, Control, and Boost – you can proactively achieve optimal web performance and deliver exceptional user experiences. Together, let’s shape the future of online business success.