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Black Friday 2021: these companies performed best

black friday beste performers

For most e-commerce platforms, Black Friday is the moment when the utmost is asked of their web shops. This year too, consumers flocked to the online shelves. Initial data shows that 23% more purchases were made during Black Friday 2021 compared to the previous year. For online shops, it becomes a greater challenge every year to serve the influx of potential buyers. Especially in times of corona, people shop more from home.

But which brands were able to handle the rush during this hectic period? Which websites were best able to cope with one of the biggest peak times of the year? This year, we looked at a selection from the Twinkle100 of the largest online shops in the Netherlands, to see how they performed before, during and after Black Friday. Are you curious who will be the big winner in 2021?

Congratulations Amazon.nl: number 1 in performance during Black Friday!

This year amazon.nl was the fastest website during the Black Friday rush! The remaining two spots on the podium are occupied by a strong number 2 – Bol.com – and number 3 – 123inkt.nl. Congratulations!

Furthermore, it is striking that everyone in the top 20 below came through Black Friday very well. The top 20 e-commerce platforms can be proud of their performance on Black Friday!

Black Friday 2021 performance ranking
* Measurements on Black Friday (26/11)
** Measurements between 19/11 and 25/11

FCP: First Contentful Paint. This indicates how much time (milliseconds) has passed before the first contentful element is displayed on a page.

LCP: Largest Contentful Paint. This is the same as FCP, only LCP is about the time before the largest element on a page is shown to the visitor.

TBT: Total Blocking Time. This variable represents the time between the First Contentful Paint and the moment when the user interacts with the website (Time to Interactive).

CLS: Cumulative Layout Score. This is about the stability of elements on the website. Do elements on the website shift unexpectedly?

Do you want a monthly performance benchmark?

Every month, we compare the 10 most important players in each branch on the performance of their websites. Curious about the performance of your competitors? Sign up and we will keep you informed every month!


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