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Why observability matters for you?

Day-to-day management of applications and IT-infrastructure is becoming more and more difficult due to the increasing complexity of all moving parts involved in development and operations. Enter Observability. With Observability, you can collect telemetry data from the entire application chain and transform this into preventative actions:

Faster identification of the root cause of incidents (MTTD, MTTR);

Predictive alerting and remediation;

Consolidation of multiple (IT) silos into a unified dashboard;

Better user experience for happy users;

Measuring thresholds by observing and tracking human behavior patterns.

enter observability

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The Observability Assessment in 5 steps

  • Your application landscape gets observed for 30 days, from user perspective to database;

  • In this period, you get access to all our Observability dashboards and alerting. This way, you and your team can understand the collected data and perform deep dives in case of incidents;

  • The collected data will create a application topology, showing the delivered performance of all individual components and interfaces within your application landscape;

  • In 2 workshops, we will evaluate the value of the collected data. We’ll set thresholds for optimal performance and see where you can improve even more;

  • The assessment will be concluded with an Observability Value Case & Business Case aimed at your specific performance improvement needs.

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Get your Observability Assessment now!

Apply now and get started within 24 hours. After scheduling an intake, we’ll set the scope and decide together how and when we start with your assessment.