Performance solution: Business Process Monitoring

Process: Deploy top-performing releases

Slowdowns have the most impact on performance. We double our effort in processing and enforcing both system and development quality throughout the entire lifecycle. Stay fast to ensure brand awareness and revenue.

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About MeasureWorks

What we do
and how we do it

In order to create a long-term impact with performance, the key is to prevent performance degradation. The faster you get, the more time you have to constantly test, finetune, and evaluate new features and deployments. The Process stage is all about the actions you have to take to become the top website of tomorrow. By observing, we get to know performance opportunities. By Processing, we make sure all the gains are never lost. The Process phase allows DevOps teams to test early and deploy with confidence in production environments without interference of the user experience. Not with new code deployments nor when visitors suddenly increase due to marketing campaigns or seasonal events.

Why Process is a vital part of the MeasureWorks methodology

Never lose sight of your KPI’s

We translate KPIs into a bespoke performance test plan and capacity models to track degradation from a usage perspective.

Feedback for your Dev teams

Analysis of test results are translated into user stories for future improvement and architecture guidelines;

CI/CD integration

Setup and configuration of performance tooling into the CI/CD pipeline for (automated) feature testing.

Control methodology

Time to make your platform excel.
Optimize your web performance!

Performance means collaboration

We’ll dive right into these topics

When processing and enforcing both system and development quality throughout the entire lifecycle, we take into consideration: Deployment thresholds, SRE/SLO, Lift & Shift, and Early automation.

Deployment thresholds

Measure degradation

Performance and Stress Testing focuses on measuring degradation of performance until it reaches capacity limits or until something breaks. With CI/CD testing we focus on testing new features against KPIs as part of your service-level objectives.


Insights into quality standards

Our Performance Testing solutions provide SREs, a method to continuously measure what your platform is capable of supporting combined with precise measurement of the performance under different demand levels from the end-user point of view.

Lift & Shift

Compare with successors

Comparing legacy platforms with their cloud-based successors after a “lift and shift” migration or validate a new platform prior to going live.

Integrate & Automate in all stages

Early feedback to your dev teams

Integrate performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline to prevent deployments that could slow down your production environment.

How we get to work

MeasureWorks’ major-league methodology

Our approach is based on our unique and proven methodology: Get Fast, Stay Fast. It’s what we live by! The methodology connects the development cycle with operational management of your production environment. Combining our three service components, Business Process Monitoring, Full Stack Observability and Performance optimization – allows you to manage your complex IT environments: from delivering on service levels, reduction of errors, improve development quality, and improve the overall user experience.

3 solutions 1 goal shadow
3 solutions 1 goal shadow
3 solutions 1 goal shadow

Full Stack Observability

Always in control, from the outside-in.


We observe and measure the entire ecosystem End-2-End to detect performance issues via human behavior patterns, providing full visibility for DevOps teams to manage the status quo.


Business Process Monitoring

From system to customer journey

Where application performance monitoring typically focuses on individual applications our business process monitoring services focuses on the entire customer journey and all applications included. Go beyond system performance and start optimizing your business process for operational efficiency and overall performance.


Performance Optimisation

Aiming for the sweet spot

With performance optimization we focus on boosting user experience as a customer service value: fast, reliable and available. Get fast to increase customer loyalty for any application.



Tracking user behavior

We observe and measure the entire ecosystem of your site End-2-End to detect performance issues via human behaviour patterns. Observe and attack the status quo.


Testing new standards

We control and enforce the quality of both system and development throughout the entire lifecycle. A characteristic of this stage testing is whether the necessary changes fit within the bigger picture for long term impact.


Aiming for the sweet spot

Ultimately, we focus on boosting user experience as customer service value: fast, reliable, available, neutral to competition and predictive.