Your customers really care about a fast website. So should you!

Predict your downtime!

3 Important performance questions to ask yourself

1Are you fast enough?

Answering this question will provide insight in which pages are hurting your business and how much more conversion you can achieve with each second that these web pages load faster. Start discovering how fast you need to be to generate more revenue.

2How to get fast?

Start building faster websites with the right effort? In-depth web performance analysis allows you to only target the pages that are hurting your business and optimize those in a lean, agile, way for the optimal conversion threshold.

3How to stay fast?

Fast web. By default! Performance is a feature that need to be integrated into your continuous delivery cycle. Performance will become habit with monitoring site speed in real time, on demand conversion analysis and (training and guidelines for) frontend optimization.

In maximum 3 seconds your site should load on all devices. Only 35% of eCommerce sites have a responsive design and thus accessible on any device. And 21% of all complaints on social media are about performance. That’s why 30% of your customers scream at their device.

MeasureWorks provides you with the toolset to tackle any performance challenge. Fast Websites. By Default…

Real time monitoring & analytics

Measure the speed and uptime of your website as your users are experiencing it. For desktop browsers, mobile web, native apps and your APIs. The data we collect helps us provide predictive alerting in case of incidents and failures. And with our algorithms we can exactly calculate how much more revenue you can make with each second faster. Within 1-2 weeks we can already provide insight which parts of your website are losing money. Start optimizing and use the data to run experiments and A/B tests.

Frontend optimization & performance testing

Performance optimization can be a time consuming, technical, challenge and often difficult to mix with your functional roadmap. Our frontend optimization experts will help your development team to quickly target the performance culprits and at the same time train your development to build code that’s both functional and fast, continuously. To stimulate fast development we work with a toolset to check performance at an early stage, from code reviews, cross (mobile) device tests to capacity testing.

Service levels & process optimization

Every new release of your website brings the risk of performance degradation. How to make sure you will deliver the same quality and speed over and over again? The only way is to embed performance into the way you design. develop and manage your application. Our business analysts will help you define the right performance requirements and service levels for your development team, hosting party or 3rd party developers. We will embed these into your development cycle, in combination with the right toolset, to make sure that each and every release you will are in full control and ultimately have the choice to optimize for performance.

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